Wednesday, June 4, 2008


It's that time
of year again when our fruit trees are heavy with avocados, oranges,
Meyer lemons, grapefruits, pomelos and plums. We'll soon have hundreds of apricots for savoring and sharing.

Since noone in our family is a fan of the pomelo, an oversized citrus that looks like a grapefruit on steroids,
I invited members of the localCooperative Food Exchange of Altadena to help themselves. Three local pomelo fans came by and harvested the last of the ripe fruit.

One of the harvesters brought fresh zuchinni from her garden in exchange
for the citrus. I like to think of the
Co-op as the best "swap meet" in town.
This morning I found these treasures waiting on my front steps. They're a
gift from another grateful pomelo harvester.

Alpine strawberry plants, pink striped lemons and recipes using pomelos

A closeup view of the pink-striped lemons and recipe for "spice market pomelo salad
with grilled shrimp and crispy shallots" Doesn't that sound yummy? Who knows.
I may become a fan of the giant citrus after all.


West Coast Grrlie Blather said...

Thanks for posting this - now I know what to do with my ume!

Susan C said...

WCGB, I'll also tell my friend Baachan (affectionate Japanese term for Grandma) who lives in your neck of the woods. She would LOVE to get her hands on ume!

Piper Robert said...

Post or send some wide angle photos of all the fruit trees in your back yard. I'm having difficulty remembering the set up.

Did you know Big Will is a huge fan of lemons? He loves rind and all. Have you seen the video of him eating a lemon?

Anonymous said...

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