Monday, March 9, 2009

Sushi Class Postponed, but Sukiyaki Simmering

You'll have to wait another week to learn how to roll your own sushi. The culinary class at the Pasadena Buddhist Church has been postponed until Tuesday, March 17.

It turns out that the Buddhist church ladies will be heating up the kitchen on the 10th in preparation for their annual sukiyaki supper sale on March 14 and 15. Drop by the church for the tastiest (and cheapest) sukiyaki dinners in town.

Where: Pasadena Buddhist Church, 1993 Glen Ave., Pasadena
When: Saturday, March 14, and Sunday March 15
Time: Sit-down dinner served from 4:00 to 7:30 pm on both days.
Take-out dinners are available from 4:00 to 6:00 pm.
Price: $10


Desiree said...

once again, sucha diru!

Cafe Observer said...

Oh man, once again, so much food going around the blogs!
Is the Sukiyaki really that good?!
Do we have to pre-order or can we just trot on in?

altadenahiker said...

Susan, is this when they sell stuff? Shoot, what was I going to buy; I forgot.

Susan Carrier & said...

Don't worry, AH. They sell the left-over sukiyaki sauce after the weekend. I hope to pick some up at the next cooking class.

Petrea said...

Susan. Yesterday I had to work out of the house all day. I had bought ingredients and printed out your recipe for Can't Fail Beef Stew, meaning to make it today. But when I arrived home last night the house smelled like heaven and guess what? It was. My angel of a husband had made the stew and it was fabulous. We loved it.

Susan C said...

Oh, Petrea, I am so double-dog jealous right now. First for having beef stew to eat yesterday. And second for having a sweet hubby who's competent in the kitchen and willing to cook it for you.

Petrea said...

Don't worry Susan, he doesn't do it every day! On days when he works I cook for him. When we both work we cook together. It was a treat to come home to something wonderful already cooked.

Anonymous said...

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