Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Roll your own: Sushi-making class at Pasadena Buddhist Church

If you'd like to join me at my next Japanese cooking class, we'll be making traditional sushi, chirashi sushi (sushi in a bowl) and suimono (clear soup).

When: Tuesday, March 10, 7 pm
Where: Pasadena Buddhist Church, 1993 Glen Avenue, Pasadena
How Much: $15 includes a hands-on lesson with a professional instructor and three-course dinner.
Misako Morihiro,

If you're interested in attending, please be sure to email Misako. This popular class is sure to fill up quickly.


Desiree said...

How do you say such a deal in Japanese! Sounds like too much fun--

Cafe Pasadena said...

Well, I'm willing to do my part. Cooks need eaters, so...

Susan C said...

Desiree, "Such a deal" would be "Su-cha di-ru" in Japanese.

CP, So, are you coming for the eating portion? It's su-cha diru.

Cafe Pasadena said...

FREE food, SC? (A dog doesn't pay for his food!)

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Do you speak Japanese? I'm waiting for the Indian food lesson although I'm curious about a Buddist church (not temple?) in Pasadena.
Curious, Have you seen the Buddhist Temple (church?) on Figuroa? Looks like a conversion of a romanesque church with yellow foo dogs out front. I guess that would make it Chinese. It's a very bright shade of orange

Susan C said...

I speak Japanese very poorly. I'm better after a few cups of sake (pronounced sock - e, with a soft e as in pet).

It is funny that it's a "church" and not a "temple." The Japanese-American brand of Buddhism is much like Japanese-Americans themselves - quite Americanized.

I haven't seen the church on Figueroa, but I have been to that enormous temple in Hacienda Heights. You can eat a good, cheap Chinese lunch there among the monks.

Piper Robert said...

If I lived in Altadena, I would be there.

Anonymous said...

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