Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Saying Goodbye to Summer

Bare feet on the first day of fall in So Cal

I love fall, but I find myself reluctant to let go of summer this year. In Southern California, the temperatures are still in the low 80s. My toddler nephew watered plants in his bare feet in the morning and dipped those same toes in the surf at Newport Beach in the afternoon.

I especially want to hang on to the tastes of summer for just a little longer. That's why I've been on a tomato and basil binge. In the last two days, we've enjoyed penne pasta with tomato and basil; BLTs with ripe, juicy tomatoes; and bruschetta with more tomatoes and basil. When the last tomato has ripened on the vine, I won't be able to eat another red fruit until next summer. (I cannot stomach the thought of eating a tasteless store-bought facsimile.)

Even though I want to cling to summer , threre's a part of me that's eager to move on. The angle of the light has already shifted. I sensed it the moment I woke up on September 22, the first day of autumn. And, in spite of the warm temperatures, the air is just a little crisper. As the thermometer drops, I look forward to indulging in curl-up-by-the-fire, hearty soups and stews.

Goodbye tomatoes and basil. Hello soups and stews.

Here are three that I'm itching to try:

Black bean pumpkin soup (Smitten Kitchen)

Beef stew (For the Love of Cooking)

Navy bean and ham soup (Kitchen Girl)

Because, even in Southern California, summer doesn't last forever.


Anonymous said...

Fall is my favorite season. I'm crazy for the orange light, the low angle of the sun and long shadows. Oh yes, and cooler weather pleeeaase! Bring on the Pumpkin Bean soup (dang: that looks good). Babies, I hear that thats the ultimate "money shot".

Susan C said...

Actually, fall is my favorite season too. If only I could get a decent tomato!

Anonymous said...

And I want the beef soup (once temp drops to the 60's). I think we could all use some comfort food this week

Cafe Observer said...

SC, I appreciate the change of seasons, even here in so cal.
Fall/winter is maybe my fav weather season.
It's also de best 4 eatin. And, I want the barley beef soup & the pies.
I'd watch it, though, if sum1 gives you a homemade recipe.

Anonymous said...

Susan, did you do the graphics on your blog? It looks like it was done in the program Illustrator. That's the program I'm studying. Oh, and thanks for the compliment on my cockroach tile. I may one day use them in my kitchen.

Susan C said...

PA, I purchased the illustration from iphoto.

I am disturbed at how much I love (and covet) those cockroach tiles and am envious that you'll be using them in your kitchen.

sj said...

:) thanks for the mention!