Thursday, December 13, 2007

What's in YOUR back yard?

Since green has been a recurring theme in my blogs (It Aint Easy Being Green; Avocados, Anyone?; Holy Guacamole), it's only fitting that I tip my pen to St. Patrick today with another "green" posting.

After I blogged about the magical "leprachaun" who harvested several dozen avocados from my back yard, I learned that avocados are more than a guacamole ingredient (unless you're Kraft Foods). The nutrient-rich "alligator pears" are also steeped in cancer-inhibiting anitoxidants. Seems I should have been harvesting and eating those avocados all along.

When I came home from the office today, a fresh batch of guacamole was waiting for me, compliments of Andrew, Cindy's boyfriend. All three of the ingredients he used were found in our own back yard. I knew that Meyers lemons were in abundance, but I had no idea that last summer's tomato plants were still yielding fruit. The end result was a delicious and satisfying dip.

And the greatest satisfaction came from discovering, once again, something I'd missed in my yard and in life.

What have YOU recently discovered in your own "back yard" (both the literal one and the metaphorical one). I hope you'll share in the comments section.

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