Friday, February 6, 2009

The Great Bacon Caper - Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado and Tomato Sandwiches

My friend Margaret issued a bloggers' challenge. " You have one week to post something that will appeal to the masses' love of bacon."

I thought of doing something creative, like developing Springtime fashion accessories. I think a red, white and bacon bracelet may be the best way to show our patriotism while providing a between-meal snack. (Raise the flag and raise cholesterol - how American!) I flirted with the idea of creating a new game, like spin the bacon, thus combining two of my great loves. I toyed with writing The Cantebacon Tales in iambic pentameter.

But, let's face it. None of these ideas appeals to the "masses." The masses want classic, no-fuss foods. The masses want comfort. The masses want bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato sandwiches.

I have never made a BLAT in the dead of winter beause a red-ripe, home-grown tomato is one of the essential ingredients. But I did have a perfectly ripe avocado from my own tree, crisp Romaine lettuce, 7-grain bread and Duke's mayonnaise. And, of course, I had bacon.

This Roma tomato is a poor winter-time substitute for home-grown, but adds color.
I discovered Duke's Mayo, a favorite condiment south of the Mason Dixon line, two summers ago.

My three tips for cooking bacon: Use a cast iron skillet, cut the bacon slices in half and use chopsticks to keep the bacon moving while frying. (Click HERE for a great video tutorial on frying bacon.)

Bacon, beautiful, bacon. Is this the money shot?

Assembling the BLAT: Toast the bread, slather the Dukes on both slices, arrange the Romaine lettuce, tomato slices and avocado slices. Lightly springkle salt on the tomato and avocado slices. Finally, criss-cross the bacon for maximum crunch and coverage.

Or is this the money shot?


(And if you ever ask yourself, "What should I eat?" go to this great bacon flow chart on Geekologie.)


Margaret said...

That last photo might classify as food porn. I'm salivating over here. And the masses do like to salivate.

Cafe Observer said...

I had a BLTA for lunch 2day. It was very good.

I'm getting in practice, so your work won't go to waste. I figure I'd better make good use of this big mouth & big teeth for something besides playing cat-catcher.

Andrea said...

That is one tasty looking sandwich and as a bacon lover, I am sufficiently appealed to.

Petrea said...

BLAT! I always order the BLTA. (Why do they call it a BLTA when they could call it a BLAT?) I do believe the last one's the money shot. I'd pay bucks for it.

JCK said...

OK, you are not supposed to be giving us the money shot at the end...oh, yes. It is the money shot -that last picture. Now, I'm hungry!

ben wideman said...

That last picture looks SOOOOO good. Thanks for making us all crave those calories! I'm grabbing an avocado the next time I'm at the farmers market.

Nancy said...

BLT has always been my favorite sandwich. I sometimes have it with "A", too. Your pics are fabulous! Now I'm craving a BLTA and it's in the wee hours of the morning. I should get some sleep...

I buy the pre-cooked bacon at costco and just throw it in the pan for merely a minute or two. Comes out crispy and delicious. You have to watch it though, so you don't burn it!

altadenahiker said...

Take this to the Zorthian picnic?

Pasadena Adjacent said...

Good ass pad Susan. While your up can you whip up some Mac and Cheese as a side? I bet you could get the good folks at Galco's to order Dukes mayo for you.

Troy Corley said...

Did you know that a BLT is one of my absolute fave things in life? Or that I added Avocado to the mix since I moved from NYC to CA? Do a search for #baconporn on Twitter for some unbelievable bacon! Big fad now is chocolate covered bacon. You bacon pic is driving me insane!!!

Laurie said...

Food pornographer! Food pornographer!

This makes me truly despondant that I am allergic to wheat.

Petrea said...

I also saw in Sunset Magazine a recipe for bacon cooked with coffee grounds. I'm going to try it.

Linda Dove said...

Oh, yes. Oh, yum!

Susan C said...

Boy, there's nothing like the classics, in literature, in clothing and in food.

Troy, No I didn't know that BLATs were your favorite.

Zorthian picnic with BLATs? You got it.

Petrea, I looked up the recipe on Sunset. I'd love to try it. Imagine getting a whiff of that!

Margaret said...

You know, Susan, this is a really good post, and the photos are so good. I may cheated you.

Susan C said...

Ah, shucks, Margaret. I bet you tell that to all the contestants. Blogger confession: I do go back and make tweaks and additions to my posts, so it may be better than when you first read it.

Anonymous said...

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