Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Japanese Cooking Class at Pasadena Buddhist Church, April 14

If you'd like to join me at my next Japanese cooking class, we'll be making buta dofu (pork and tofu), hijiki (seaweed) and carrot/cabbage tsukemono (pickled salad). I have to admit that the sound of these dishes does not cause instant salivation, but our teacher manages to make everything delicious or "oishii" as they say in Japan.

When: Tuesday, April 14, 7 pm
Where: Pasadena Buddhist Church, 1993 Glen Avenue, Pasadena
How Much: $15 includes a hands-on lesson with a professional instructor and three-course dinner. (It's "sucha diru" as they say in Japan.)
Misako Morihiro,

If you're interested in attending, please be sure to email Misako.


Margaret said...

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Are you making tofu thats meant to taste like pork?

Carolyn Jung said...

What fun! If only I was in Pasadena that day. I do get there maybe once a year. I love the old downtown there. So fun, and with such great boutiques and restaurants.

Susan C said...

PA, These are meat-loving Buddhists, so we'll be eating real pork.

Carolyn, I hope to meet ou one day on one of your forays to Pasadena.

Anonymous said...

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dimaund said...

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